Backyard Revolution Review

Backyard Revolution is an online program that teaches you how to build your own energy source in as little as 4 hours, so you can start to reduce energy waste almost entirely while also saving over 65% on your electricity bill. And I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t have what it takes to create an energy source!” But let me tell you, if I can do it, anyone can. Unlike other systems, this program makes it easy with step-by-step instructions, picture, diagrams, shopping lists, and more. It provides you with an affordable and easy way to install solar panels in your home, without the need for fancy tools or high-priced professionals. So, if you’re ready to start saving money with your own energy source, here’s what you can expect from Backyard Revolution.

Backyard Revolution Review

What is the Backyard Revolution About?

Solar panels have been around for many years now and although they do allow you to create your own energy source, MIT researchers found that traditional solar panels waste approximately 85-95% of the solar energy they receive from the sun. Not only is this is a huge efficiency gap but traditional solar panel systems are expensive and difficult to install; you almost always need a professional, which is a high price to pay when almost all of the energy you receive from the sun is wasted.  Fortunately, researchers have also found that creating a solar panel system in a zigzag pattern reduces this energy waste almost entirely, allowing you to save over 65% on your electricity bill.

Backyard Revolution is an online program that teaches you how to build your own zigzag solar panel system in 20 minutes. The building process – from start to finish takes approximately four hours, which means that you can start to save money on your electricity bills as early as tonight.

The best part? Building your zigzag solar panel system is easy. Backyard Revolution provides you with easy-to-follow step-by-instructions that include pictures and diagrams, shopping lists and everything you need to know to keep your life powered up by the sun. I’ll dive into the exact details in just a moment but for now, here’s a look at what you receive when you get started:

  1. Main Manual
  2. Video Tutorials
  3. Free Bonus: Evatac Taclite
  4. Free Bonus: How to Protect Your Homestead in case of an EMP
  5. Free Bonus: How to Build Your Energy Stockpile
  6. Free Bonus: Alternative Electric Energy Sources for Your Homestead
Backyard Revolution Download Page
How the download page for Zack Bennett’s Backyard Revolution looks like!

You receive immediate access to all of this (except for the physical tactical flashlight that gets mailed to you) as soon as you purchase. This means you can begin and start saving money right away. You just download the content onto your electronic devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop and computer. You can also choose to watch the videos online if you don’t want to take up space on your devices. This ensures that you have easy access to the entire program wherever you go, whether it’s to the garage to start building your solar panel system or to the store to pick up the materials.

Now, if you still aren’t sure that you have what it takes to create your own solar panel system, rest be assured. Backyard Revolution comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, giving you ample time to test out your new set of skills. If you would rather go back to forking over a ton of cash for electricity, then that option is there for you but I highly doubt anyone will choose that after seeing how easy it is to have small zigzag solar panels powering up their home.

Who is the Creator of Backyard Revolution?

Zack Bennett is the creator of this easy-to-follow system. He’s actually just a regular guy with no previous experience working with solar panels or building energy sources. This entire system came about after his home was burglarized during a power outage. Zack decided to do some research which is when he came across the MIT research about the zigzag solar panels. He found an easy way everyone can create their own solar energy and well, here we are.

Quick Summary of the Backyard Revolution Program

Backyard Revolution is a straight-forward program that provides you with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions for creating your own zigzag solar panel system. You only need 5% of surface area available, and you can start powering up your entire household using nothing more than a couple of solar panels staged in a zigzag pattern.

The entire system is broken down with detailed diagrams, measurements, steps, video tutorials and even shopping lists, so you know exactly what materials to get, where to get them, what to do and how to put it all together.

To give you an idea of  just how easy it is to create your own solar energy source, here’s a sneak peek at how the program is broken down:

  1. Introduction
  2. List of Tools
  3. List of Materials
  4. Parts Dimensions
  5. The Assembly/Building Process in Drawings
  6. The Assembly/Building Process in Pictures
  7. Position of the Pieces Related to the Overall Assembly
  8. Wiring
  9. Connection to the House
  10. Battery Bank
  11. Connecting to the House
Backyard Revolution Table of Contents
The table of contents for Zack Bennett’s Backyard Revolution PDF.

Advantages of the Program

You can’t go wrong with an online program that makes it easy to create your own energy source, so that’s the first advantage about having Backyard Revolution. Electricity is expensive and unfortunately, when you only receive energy from the city or town you live it, it isn’t all that reliable. After all, you never know when the power will go out or when it will come back on. So, it was amazing being able to ensure the safety of my property and my family.

I was also super surprised at how easy it was to build the solar panel system – from start to finish. Everything from the tools and materials needed to the dimensions, connections and wiring was all carefully described for you. All you have to do is follow along with the instructions and you’re good to go. You don’t even need any previous knowledge or handyman (or handywoman) skills… And that’s speaking from experience.

Now, I also enjoyed having the entire program in digital format. This made it easy to bring the instructions with me wherever I went, whether it was to the store to pick up the materials or to the garage to do some building. It saved me from printing out tons of pages, running back to the computer to find the next steps or worse, carrying around a big book.

The 60 Day Money Back Guarantee is another huge advantage, and not because you’ll be wanting your money back but rather, because it gives you the confidence needed to get started. When you first hear about creating your own solar panel system, you immediately think you can’t do it. Knowing you have two months to try it out, you have nothing to lose by giving it a shot.

Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that being able to save more than half on my electricity bill was the best benefit of all. Who doesn’t enjoy some savings?

Disadvantages of the Program

When it comes to disadvantages, there’s nothing that instantly comes to my mind. I guess the only bad thing is you do have to do the work with Backyard Revolution. That’s the trade-off of the program; you can pay a fortune for a professional to do it or you can save a ton of money to do it on your own. At least with this system, the entire process is easy. So, I wouldn’t consider this a disadvantage either.

The Verdict

Backyard Revolution teaches you how to revolutionize 5% of your property to save over 65% on your electricity bill. This online program makes it easy for anyone to capitalize on solar energy, and in a way that bridges the inefficiency gap that comes from traditional solar panel systems. All of the materials are affordable and easy to find, and the program has all of the steps carefully detailed with measurements and dimensions, diagrams, photos, written instructions, video tutorials and more. It really is the easiest way to create your own renewable energy source in your home. Even if you think you don’t have what it takes you create your own little solar panel system (you do!), you have two months to try it out with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. The only thing you have to lose is that high electricity bill. Well, and the 85-95% waste of solar energy that comes from traditional setups.


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