EZ Battery Reconditioning Review

EZ Battery Reconditioning teaches you the steps to bringing old batteries back to life, whether it’s an old laptop battery, lead-acid batteries, rechargeable batteries, golf cart batteries – you name it. The best part? You don’t need to know a thing about batteries to get started. Everything is taught to you throughout the step-by-step guides which are separated based on the battery type. All you really have to do is read and follow the steps. Yes, it’s that easy. If I can do it, anyone can!

EZ Battery Reconditioning Review

What is the EZ Battery Reconditioning Program About?

EZ Battery Reconditioning is hailed as a simple, quick and very effective way to repair all types of old batteries in your home – from your automobiles to your power tools, electronics, technology, and more. Almost everything is powered by batteries and now, you have everything you need to make sure all of your belongings stay up and running without having to fork over a fortune for new batteries.

With this system, you learn the exact steps needed to repair a wide range of battery types, as well as important information to doing so safely, including proper testing of them and ways to maintain their charge moving forward.

Everything is broken down in step-by-step instructions and there are different guides for different batteries types. Here’s a sneak peek at what you get when you get this program:

  • 9 Battery Reconditioning Guides for All Types of Batteries
  • Quick Read Bonus Guide on Reconditioning Old Cell Phone Batteries
  • Quick Read Bonus Guide on Extending the Life of Batteries
  • Free Updates + Lifetime Access to Everything
  • VIP Premium Newsletter
EZ Battery Reconditioning Download Page
The download page for Tom Ericson’s EZ Battery Reconditioning program.

EZ Battery Reconditioning also comes with a wide range of different bonuses – from additional programs to free stuff! Take a look:

  • Bonus: How to Start a Battery Business at Home
  • Bonus: Battery Maintenance Service Plan
  • Bonus: EZ Power Savings Guide
  • Free Waterproof Hybeam Mini Tactical Flashlight
  • Free InstaBlade
  • Free EverStryke Match
  • Exclusive 75% discount on other programs

The best part? Everything is available online (with the exception of some of the bonuses) and considering the program consists of 9 different guides, this is a huge benefit. Not only does this allow you to get started right away (perfect if you need to use something right now that has a dead battery) but you can also download the content onto your laptop, tablet, smartphone or desktop. This allows you to bring the program with you wherever you go and as you’re about to find out, you’ll want to do just that because you can save and make a ton of money by repairing old batteries.

Additionally, EZ Battery Reconditioning has been seen on some major media outlets, such as CNN, Better Homes and Gardens, HGTV, Fox News and the DIY Network. If this isn’t enough to give you the reassurance you’re looking for, perhaps the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee will.

Who is the Creator of EZ Battery Reconditioning?

EZ Battery Reconditioning was created by Tom Ericson and Frank Thomson, and they’re just regular people like you. After running into battery problems with the car and with the laptop and with the golf cart and with this, that and the other, Tom finally convinced his buddy, Frank, to let him in on the secrets to repairing old, dead batteries. Once Tom saw how easy it was, they decided to put their heads together to create a comprehensive system to teach everyone how to recondition old batteries. The result? You’re reading it!

Overview of the EZ Battery Reconditioning Program

In EZ Battery Reconditioning, you receive nine different guides that teach you the steps to repairing and recharging that specific battery type. These guides include:

  1. How to Recondition Lead-Acid Batteries
    1. Cars, Trucks, Boats, Lawn Mowers, Motorcycles, Power Sport Vehicles, etc.
  2. How to Recondition AGM and SLA Batteries
  3. How to Recondition a Forklift Battery
    1. Pallet-Jacks, Forklifts, Solar Applications, and Other Heavy Duty Batteries
  4. How to Recondition Lithium-ion Batteries
    1. Power Tools, Devices, Applications, etc.
  5. How to Recondition Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) Batteries
    1. Cordless Drills, Cordless Power Tools, etc.
  6. How to Recondition Laptop batteries
  7. How to Recondition Gold Cart Batteries
  8. How to Recondition Rechargeable Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) Batteries
    1. Digital Cameras, Cell Phones, Laptops, Cordless Power Tools, High Drain Devices, etc.
  9. How to Recondition Alkaline Batteries
    1. Electronics

As you can see from that list, you have a guide to repair almost every battery you can think of – from your car to your boat, forklift to your power tools, laptop, cellphone, electronics and more.

Now, in an effort to show you how easy it is to do just that and what is included in the guides in addition to the step-by-step instructions, here’s a look at the table of contents at one of them:

EZ Battery Reconditioning - Lead-Acid Battery - Table of Contents
The table of contents for EZ Battery Reconditioning’s Lead-Acid Battery Manual PDF.

How to Recondition Lead-Acid Batteries

  • Personal Safety Measures
  • Precautions Regarding Environmental Safety
  • Lead Acid Battery Types
  • Inside a Lead Acid Battery
    • Basic Parts and Areas
    • How They Work to Produce Energy
    • Amount of Cells in a Lead-Acid Battery
  • Sulfation and Its Effect on a Battery
  • Tools Required for Working on Lead Acid Batteries
  • Testing The Batteries (Four Methods)
  • How to Recondition Lead Acid Batteries
    • Method One: Application of an Equalizing Charge + Easy Alternative and Manual Option
    • Method Two: Add Chemical Additives to the Battery
    • Method Three; Other Desulfating Methods
  • Proper Ways to Maintain Lead Acid Batteries

Each guide is different and specific to the battery type you’re learning how to reconditioning but this sample gives you an idea of just how comprehensive the guides are. You don’t just learn how to recondition batteries safely. You also learn how to test and maintain them, valuable information about energy, and you even get the chance to learn the ins and outs of the battery itself. And as the saying goes, knowledge is power. Pardon the pun.

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Advantages of the Program

EZ Battery Reconditioning makes it easy to recondition pretty much any battery you can think of. With the nine different guides that are specific to different battery-types, you can start fixing up batteries and saving an abundance of money while doing so. Even if you don’t have a need for one guide, you can take the information learned from it and recondition other people’s batteries for an extra source of income. Add in the fact that the program is digital, and you can take the handy information with you wherever you go. If your golf cart dies in the middle of the green, pull out your phone and fix it!

And it’s easy! Every step is carefully outlined for you – from the testing to the repairing, maintaining and more.

Plus, the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee is a nice feature. It gives you two months to see just how easy it is to repair batteries and to start saving (and possibly making) some money.

Disadvantages of the Program

It would have been a great addition if EZ Battery Reconditioning included video tutorials. I understand why they aren’t – you’d be required to pause, rewind and replay the videos way too often in order to keep up and your hands would likely be too dirty to do so. However, it would be nice to see someone doing the steps.

Fortunately, having the program in text version allows you to work through the steps at your own pace, and you don’t have to worry about fast-forwarding over an important step!

The Verdict

Knowledge is power – pardon the pun – and EZ Battery Reconditioning puts it right in your hands. The nine guides that you receive in this program are all you need to repair and recharge almost everything in your life. The steps make it exceptionally easy to do so, and you can finally start repairing your appliances, tools, electronics and more, instead of spending a fortune replacing them all the time. Not only that but now that you have all the steps to repairing such a wide range of battery types, you can even do this on the side to generate extra income. It’s perfect and once you see how easy it is, that’s exactly what you’ll want to do. Just think about how many people toss stuff out on the curb just because the battery died and it’s too expensive to replace. A lot! Not only can you repair your own items but you can now repair other people’s and make a tiny fortune. And if you aren’t convinced that you have what it takes to recondition batteries (you do), that’s what the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee is for. Give EZ Battery Reconditioning a try for two months and see what kind of energy it brings your way. You’ll be surprised.


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