Reading Head Start Review

Reading Head Start is an award-winning, parent-approved online program that helps children between the ages of 1 to 9 how to read and how to do so five times better than other children their age. It’s a powerful program that is changing the literacy rates across the world by teaching over 300,000 children a new, effective way to read. But what’s wrong with the current teaching method for reading? A lot! In the United States alone, 25 million children cannot read proficiently, according to studies. Less than 40% of children are reading at a level they should be at, which brings reason to question how kids are being taught to read in schools. With Reading Head Start, your child learns how to read by following a method that focuses on teaching the individual letters and sounds, and how they change when paired with others –  how the sound of “bit” turns to “bite” when the ‘e’ is added. It’s a proven method that is so effective it has even been found to reduced dyslexia and that works for all children between the ages of 1 to 9. So, if you’re ready to provide your child with the reading skills and confidence that follows, here’s what you can expect from this program.

Reading Head Start Review

What is Reading Head Start About?

The current system teaches children how to read by having them memorize words and word shapes. However, by following this method, children are never actually learning how to read individual letters and understand the individual sounds. Not only that but word shapes do not dictate the sound of letters, making this method really confusing. For example, “bad, bit, lot, lab, and hat” all have the same word shape but not have the same sounds.

Reading Head Start is an award-winning online program used by over 300,000 children learning to read. It is designed for kids between the ages of 1 to 9, is parent-approved and proven to help children read up to five times better than other children their age. And the secret is simple – it focuses on teaching children individual letters and sounds, and how they change depending on what letters they’re paired with or subtracted from. So, instead of memorizing word shapes that sound completely different, such as ball and pull, this program teaches children how to understand the letters and their sounds. In other words, Reading Head Start focuses on the foundations of the English language and forgo the other confusing methods that simply don’t work for the English language.

The program has a progressive approach. So, your child learns how to read individual letters, then letter pairings, words, and then, sentences. It’s all done with fun activities, worksheets, printables, read-a-long videos, games, and 200 reading letters that keep kids excited and enjoying reading.

But that’s not all. With this program, all of the lessons have been strategically created based on children’s ages and reading levels. So, everything from the context to the graphics are carefully selected to ensure engagement that resonates with children of a particular age group. In other words, 9-year-olds won’t be reading about Teletubbies and 3-year-olds won’t be reading about Harry Potter.

I’ll delve into the details of the program in just a moment but for now, here’s a sneak peek at what you receive when you get started:

  1. Lesson Plans
  2. Printables
  3. 200 Reading Lessons
  4. Decodable Passages
  5. Read-A-Longs
  6. Worksheets
  7. Picture Cards
  8. Letter Cards
  9. Letter Formations
  10. Sound Out Cards
  11. Irregular Word Cards
  12. Advanced Phonics Cards
Reading Head Start Download Page
How the download page for Sarah Shepard’s Reading Head Start program looks like!

All of this is available to you as soon as you purchase, so your child can begin improving their reading skills and boosting their confidence as early as today. You just sign in and start the lessons on your laptop, tablet, smartphone or desktop computer. There is even an option to download the content onto your tech devices for on-the-go reading, which is particularly beneficial for children going away on vacation or going between two homes.

Reading Head Start is a parent-approved, award-winning proven method and to give you an extra boost of confidence, you can even try it out risk-free for two months with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Who is the Author of Reading Head Start?

Sarah Shepard is the author of Reading Head Start. She’s worked as an English teacher for over 14 years and is also a wife and mom to three children. After seeing her children struggling with learning how to read based on the current teaching method, Sarah began looking at alternative ways to teach them reading.

Summary of Reading Head Start

Reading Head Start is an award-winning online reading program that teaches children between the ages of 1 to 9 how to read by focusing on the foundations of the English language. It’s a comprehensive program that provides progressive lessons that break down reading, starting with individual letters and sound and then, letter pairings and how they make the sound change.

It comes with over 200 lesson plans, all of which are provided to you systematically. This makes it easy for your child to gradually progress and improve their reading at a pace that works for them. Each lesson builds the foundation for the next and there are four levels of lessons, with 10 weeks of lessons in each. Each week comes with 5 activities that focus on one specific thing, such as introducing the sound of ‘igh’, to ensure a stress-free learning experience that doesn’t overwhelm the child.

Best of all, the lessons make reading easy and fun, complete with photos, designs, daily activities, videos, flash cards, sounding cards, activity logs, letter formations and picture cards. The lessons also come with a tracker for each level, so you can easily monitor your child’s progress.

Here’s a more in-depth look at what you can expect from the program as a whole:

Lessons Examples

  1. Level 1 Examples
    1. Counting Words in a Sentence (Grade K – 1)
    2. Blending Syllables Name Game (Grade K)
    3. Segmenting Syllables Name Game (Grade K – 1)
    4. Identifying and Generating Rhyming Words, Body Part Game (Grade K)
    5. Introduce First, Middle and Last (Grade K – 1)
    6. Introduce Sound Segmenting Accuracy (Grade K)
  2. Level 2 Examples
    1. Introduce Letters (Grade K)
    2. Phoneme Substitution with Letters: Sat, Mat, Rat, Bat, Bad, Bag, Big, Beg, etc. (Grade K)
  3. Level 3 Examples
    1. Sounding Out Accuracy (Grade K, 1, 2)
    2. Word-Form Recognition Accuracy (Grade K)
    3. Irregular Word Fluency (Grade K, 1, 2, 3)
  4. Level 4 Examples
    1. Introduce Au, Aw, Al, Igh, etc. (Grade K, 1, 2)
    2. Letter Combination Fluency: Th… Igh (Grade K, 1, 2)
    3. VCe Rule Fluency (Grade K, 1, 2)
    4. Irregular Word Fluency: Your… Where (Grade K, 1, 2, 3)
    5. Introduce Multiple Irregular Words: Show, Small, Large, Even, Here, Why (Grade K, 1, 2, 3)

Breakdown of Each Lesson

  1. Activity Type
  2. Activity Form
  3. Grade
  4. Group Size
  5. Length
  6. Materials
  7. Goal
  8. Items
  9. Step-By-Step Instructions


  1. Downloadable Picture Cards
  2. Downloadable Letter Cards
  3. Letter Formation: Teacher’s Guide
  4. Downloadable Sound Out Cards
  5. Irregular Word Cards
  6. Advanced Phonics Cards

Read-A-Long Video Course

  1. The Cat on the Mat + Worksheet
  2. Dan and His Cap + Worksheet
  3. Dan and a Van + Worksheet
  4. Pet in a Jet + Worksheet

Decodable Books

  1. 50 Downloadable Books


  1. Preschool and Up
Reading Head Start Preview
A preview of Reading Head Start’s lessons.

Advantages of the Program

The most important advantage of using Reading Head Start is that it works. Reading is a key component in living a healthy, positive life. Without proficient skills, it can be difficult for kids to read food labels, instructions, directions, job applications, etc. as they get older. So, having an award-winning, proven method that teaches children how to read up to five times better than other kids their ages while also giving them their confidence back is the greatest benefit.

I also liked how the program made it fun – for both my child and myself.

With the program being digital, I was also able to plop the little one on the lesson plans for them to do on their own or I could join in on the fun. And the fact that the method is proven to work is definitely a great benefit and with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, you can’t go wrong.

Disadvantages of the Program

I’m pretty particular about the programs I use, especially when they’re for my child and their education. However, I have no complaints when it comes to Reading Head Start. It’s a comprehensive, program that makes reading easy and fun for children. With all of the activities and downloadable content and printables, this program has it all.

However, it is comprehensive. There is a lot to learn. After all, this program goes back to the basics. But the program makes it fun, so the learning process doesn’t feel like a disadvantage in any way.

The Verdict

Reading Head Start gives children the power and confidence they need and deserve by teaching them how to read and improve their reading up to five times better than other kids their age. It can be used by children between the ages of 1 to 9 and comes with all of the lesson plans, activities, videos, games, and printables your child could ever need. It’s won awards and is proven to work, and with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, you can even try it out for yourself risk-free for two months.


Download Reading Head Start PDF

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