Relationship Magic Review

Relationship Magic is an online guide to getting what you want from your love life, whether single, married, on the verge of divorce, male or female, you name it. It’s a comprehensive system that is tailored to your specific situation and life. There’s no gimmicky one-liners to rehearse or any of that nonsense, nor do you have to change who you are or what you want from a relationship. Instead, this program teaches you how to create an ideal relationship with your partner – ex, potentially-future-ex, or potential beau. It’s about becoming an ideal partner and communicating with your partner so you feel acknowledged, loved and respected.

Relationship Magic Review

What is the Relationship Magic Guide About?

First things first, Relationship Magic is catered to you. This online relationship guide changes up the information provided to you based on your specific situation. So, if you’re a single male or single female, you would select that option to get the right program; if you are a married man or married woman; you would select that option to ensure you receive information that pertains to you and your situation. This instantly makes the program an effective way to getting what you want out of your love life.

But how, you ask?

Relationship Magic teaches you various tips, provides you with several exercises and walks you through the steps to becoming an ideal partner and to getting your partner to follow in suit. It’s highly focused on relationship values – determining them and discussing them with your partner. Now, you might be wondering what values have to do with getting the love of your life and all of this is explained throughout the program but to put it simply, your relationship values are everything. They establish what you want, need and expect in a relationship. Without them, a relationship is fair game with no predefined lines as to what is and isn’t acceptable. I’ll explain this in more detail in just a moment but for now, here’s a sneak peek at what you receive when you get started:

  1. Program in eBook form
  2. Bonus: For Single Males – How to Walk Up to a Beautiful Stranger
  3. Bonus: For Single Males – How to Talk to a Woman and Create Intense Chemistry
  4. Bonus: For Married Men – How to Make Your Wife Happy
  5. For Single and Married Women – How to Talk to Your Husband or Boyfriend about your Relationship Values

Once you have an ideal romance, there are even more bonuses you receive in the program from Personal Life Media which will help you turn up the heat, such as:

  • Seduction Trilogy
  • Revive Her Drive
  • Expand Her Orgasm Tonight
  • Free Expert Sex Advice

The best part? You don’t have to wait (or pay) for shipping to start improving your love life. Relationship Magic is online so you receive immediate access to the program. You just sign in and download the content onto your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. This is particularly beneficial as it allows you to work on the program (and your relationship) whenever and wherever you go. Having a debacle in public? Pull up the program on your smartphone. Not sure what to do when at home? Pull up the program on your tablet. The help is always there when you have a program in digital form.

Relationship Magic Download Page
The download page for the Relationship Magic guide.

However, I’m sure some of you are thinking that your relationship is too far gone past the point of repair or that you don’t need help finding the one. But you’re here reading this for a reason and every little bit helps, especially when the advice you’re receiving comes from a professional which I’ll talk about in just a moment.

Additionally, you have two months to try the program with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. You’d be surprised at what can be achieved in that time.

Who is the Creator of the Relationship Magic Guide?

Relationship Magic was created by Personal Life Media’s CEO, Susan Bratton. She is a highly renowned relationship and dating coach and has even appeared on NBC, New York Times, FOX News, ABC and many more prestigious media outlets. Susan is also an award-winning speaker, successful author and entrepreneur, and more importantly, a woman who experienced her own marriage declining. After attending tons of relationship workshops, reading countless books and speaking with a marriage counselor, their intimacy was no longer withering away. And everything she learned through this hurdle is what you’ll find in this program.

Overview of the Relationship Magic Guide

Relationships are complicated. Relationship Magic is a comprehensive program that uses exercises, worksheets and education to help you navigate through the difficulties you’re currently experiencing – whether single, married or on the verge of divorce. It is highly focused on defining your relationship values and communicating them with your partner (or potential partner in the future) to ensure a happy, healthy and successful relationship.

Relationship Magic Table of Contents
The table of contents for Relationship Magic PDF

The program comes in many different versions to ensure you find the right information that is going to make a difference in your love life – and your specific situation.

To give you a better understanding of what this program consists of, here’s a look at some of the topics and exercises included:

  1. Compatibility vs. Relationship Values
  2. Where Did My Values Come From?
  3. Why Four, Not More?
  4. What if My List Changes?
  5. One Couples’ Relationship Values Example
  6. Lauren’s and Robert’s Relationship Values
  7. How to Talk About Relationship Values to a Reticent Partner
  8. How to Find “The One”
  9. Caution: Powerful Tool!
  10. Relationship Values Exercise
  11. Magic Words
  12. Worksheet
  13. Now That You Have an Ideal Romance…

how to keep a relationship strong and happy

Advantages of the Program

Unlike many other programs, Relationship Magic doesn’t just pump you full of information. Instead, it provides you with the knowledge you need to revise your relationship (or to find an ideal romance), and then it gives you several worksheets and exercises to do to turn your newfound information into action. The worksheets are actually really fun to do with your partner (or alone) and don’t take much time at all.

I also really liked how everything was online. This makes it easy to complete the program at your own leisure. You can read the program in bed one night and in the living room the next; you can complete the exercises at the kitchen table or during your lunch break at work; you can access the helpful information when you’re having a disagreement in public, you name it. Having the program on your tech devices makes the program enjoyable and convenient, and the ways you can use it are endless.

Additionally, the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee is a great feature. This gives you confidence knowing that you have two months to see if your relationship (or relationship desires) are achievable. Certainly, you’ll be surprised at what can occur in as little as two months by simply defining the four key values that make up your relationship goals.

Oh, and I really like how the program offers different versions to ensure you’re provided with a regime that is specific to your situation. After all, relationship advice for a married woman is not going to be the same for a single man. So, big kudos for this feature.

Disadvantages of the Program

The only disadvantage I could think of is that the program ended. I wanted it to keep going. The worksheets were exceptionally helpful and so enjoyable that I didn’t want to stop even after my relationship was significantly improved. Though, the bright side is that you do receive several bonus programs for free from the creator so you can continue on this positive and healthy movement you’re experiencing within your relationship. So, Relationship Magic improves your relationship/situation, whether single and looking for love, married and on the verge of divorce, male, female, etc., and then if you’d like to continue with the fun, there are many options for you to do that.

The Verdict

Valuable knowledge and exercises to turn it into action, that’s what Relationship Magic is. It’s all the relationship coaching; relationship counseling and relationship self-help books rolled into one. You get the information needed to understand what needs to be done to achieve your relationship goals and all the activities, exercises and worksheets needed to apply the information to your own situation. And you have two months to see how it works for you with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. There’s nothing to lose. Plus, you can’t go wrong with defining what you want and need from a relationship so you feel acknowledged, respected and loved. Take control of your love life and discover things about yourself and your relationship that you never anticipated – and for a fraction of the price that counselling would! Invest in a copy of the guide today!


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