Smart Solar Box Review

Smart Solar Box is an online guide that teaches you the easy steps to creating your own self-sustainable energy source. There’s no need for expensive technology or professionals to come into your home. You just have to follow the step-by-step instructions that make creating your own miniature power plant in your home. But why, you ask? Because electricity is expensive and not only that but it is unreliable. Add in the fact that we live in a world that relies on power and a sudden power outage or worse, natural disaster can be extremely dangerous. So, if you’re looking for some peace of mind and savings, Smart Solar Box could very well be it.

Smart Solar Box Review

What is the Smart Solar Box About?

Just when you think you’re stuck paying high electricity bills while also dealing with random power outages, you stumble across Smart Solar Box. Unlike other DIY power source programs, this online guide makes it easy to build your own miniature power plant that is safe, affordable and reliable. Each step is carefully detailed for you with written instructions and diagrams that show you exactly what to do, making it easy for everyone to build their own power source. It even comes with several video tutorials which are a great option for people who are visual learners.

However, the program teaches you how to use solar energy to create self-sustainable energy; it also teaches you about solar power and how this mini power plant that you’re going to build is a safe and reliable energy source. The best part? Despite your little solar box being small enough to go with you wherever you need, it’s powerful enough to fuel up your entire home – from your refrigerator to your washing machines, lights, bedrooms – you name it.

I’ll elaborate on what you receive in the program and how easy it is to complete the steps to create your own power source in just a moment but first, let’s look at the bonus programs you receive for free:

  • Bonus: 10 Easy Steps to Build Your Solar Panels
  • Bonus: Build Your Own Wind Generator
Smart Solar Box Download Page
The download page for Ryan Tanner’s Smart Solar Box guide.

As you can see from the titles, these bonus programs allow you to further on this self-sustainable movement you’re embarking on. And once you start saving an abundance of money with the Smart Solar Box, you’ll want to continue doing so in all aspects and these extras allow you to do just that.

Now, the really great thing is that you don’t have to wait to get started. You receive immediate access to the program as soon as you purchase. Then, you just sign in and download the content onto your desktop computer, laptop, tablet and/or smartphone. Having the program in digital form will come to you as a huge benefit, as it allows you to take it with you to the department store to pick up the parts; to the area you’re building your energy source and to wherever else you desire.

For the people who aren’t sure that they have the skills needed to build their own energy source, you’ll be happy to know that the program comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This gives you two months to try it out and see all the money you can be saving on your electricity bills.

Who is the Author of the Smart Solar Box Program?

Ryan Tanner is the man behind the program. After finding himself and his family stranded in their home after a sudden power outage with no timeframe as to when the power will be back on, he started to explore different avenues to getting it on. It was at this time that he began exploring solar energy with his friends and family members who have a background in the energy industries. With their help, he was able to build a Smart Solar Box and turn on his electricity before the rest of the neighbourhood.

Overview of the Smart Solar Box Program

Smart Solar Box is a comprehensive system that has taken the time to make the instructions for building your own energy source as easy to understand as possible. Each step is detailed with written instructions, pictures, and diagrams, and the program even includes video tutorials that physically show you the steps. You also receive an abundance of information on solar energy and how it can benefit your life (and lower your bills), and the program even comes with a list of places to get each part. Like I said, it’s super easy!

Smart Solar Box Table of Contents
The table of contents for Ryan Tanner’s Smart Solar Box PDF.

To show you how the program covers each and every step carefully to ensure it’s easy for everyone to build their own mini solar power plant, here’s a sneak peek at the topics covered:

Chapter 1: Introduction

  • Basic Principle Regarding Solar Energy
  • General Technical Regards

Chapter 2: Tools and Components

  • Tools
  • Components (electronic parts needed)

Chapter 3: Building The Box

  • Assembling Solar Panels
  • Preparing the Box
  • Wiring Process
  • Recap – Short Review of the Process

Chapter 4: Testing the Device

Chapter 5: List of Places Where You Can By the Components

Video Tutorials

Just as the name reads, this is where you’ll find video tutorials on creating your own solar box. These tutorials show you exactly what to do, so if you’re more of a visual person, this is definitely a great addition to the program.

Bonus: 10 Easy Steps to Build Your Solar Panels

  • Produce your Own Energy using PV
  • Types of Solar Cells and Calculating Power
  • System Components
  • The Best Location for PV Panels
  • The Building Process
    • Materials and Tools Needed
  • 6 Step Process on Building and Testing Your Solar Panels

Bonus: Build Your Own Wind Generator

  • Learn About Wind Turbines
  • Where Should You Place Your Wind Turbine
  • Dispelling Wind Power Myths
  • How Much Power Can You Expect
  • A Thing or Two About Generators
  • What About Towers
  • Battery Basics
  • 10-Steps to Building Your Own Wind Turbine

How To Generate Your Own Electricity at Home

Advantages of the Program

There are many advantages to using the Smart Solar Box for creating your own self-sustainable energy source with two of my favourites being – saving money and having a reliable energy source. Not only does this give you peace of mind that you will not be stranded if the energy goes out or worse, a natural disaster was to occur but it also gives you some extra spending cash which never hurts.

I also really liked how easy it was to create the solar box. As someone who cannot screw a lightbulb into a socket, I was certain I didn’t have the skills to complete this program. Turns out, you don’t need skills because everything is so carefully detailed for you.

It also helped that the program was in digital form, as this allowed me to bring the list of parts to the stores and show them exactly what I needed. Then, I was able to take the program to where I was building the box.

The 60 Day Money Back Guarantee was also a nice boost of confidence, especially for someone who thinks they can’t actually create their own energy source. This gives you two months to complete the program and reap the benefits. If you decide that saving money isn’t for you, you have that guarantee available but let’s get serious, who doesn’t like saving money?

Disadvantages of the Program

Finding disadvantages to building your own energy source to create a reliable lifeline while also saving money was no easy feat, especially considering how easy the program is and how it concludes written instructions, photos, diagrams and video tutorials.

Though, if I had to pick one disadvantage it would be that you have to do the work. Unfortunately, the program does not send someone to complete the steps for you – wouldn’t that be nice? The good news is that it doesn’t take long to complete the Smart Solar Box nor is it difficult.

The Verdict

With the Smart Solar Box, you are a mere step away from creating your own self-sustainable energy source that cuts your electricity bills while also providing you with a reliable, safe and affordable miniature power plant in your home.  The program has gone the extra mile to ensure that everyone – yes, even the least building-savvy people can enjoy the benefits of having their own energy source. Plus, with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee you have nothing to lose. Give the program a try and before you know it, you’ll have solar energy working for you for a fraction of the cost of your electricity bills. That’s also not to mention that the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family is safe, regardless of what happens in this world, is absolutely priceless.


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