The Lost Book of Remedies Review

The Lost Book of Remedies is the ultimate resource of natural remedies. With the pharmaceutical industry charging you an arm and a leg for medications that provide you with side effects that are often times worse than the condition you were taking the medication for in the first place, having natural alternatives could never hurt. However, this 300-page eBook doesn’t involve doing some weird yoga stretches or meditating your pain away. Instead, it’s about the medicinal properties found in the earth, and how you can use specific plants to prevent and even treat a wide range of physical and mental diseases, illnesses and concerns. So, if you’re sick of taking harmful prescription medications, it’s time to take a blast to the past with The Lost Book of Remedies.

The Lost Book of Remedies Review

What is The Lost Book of Remedies About?

You won’t find weird stretches, ancient witchcraft or any of that nonsense in this program. The Lost Book of Remedies is all about using natural plants from the earth to prevent, heal and even cure a wide range of illnesses, diseases and discomforts. Everything from how to treat a burn using a plant to managing diabetes naturally and everything in between is addressed in this program. Not only that but you’re also provided with steps on how to identify, grow, harvest, mix and use each plant.

The Lost Book of Remedies - Download Page
The download page for Claude Davis’ The Lost Book of Remedies Program.

Now, with all of that said, there’s no denying that there is a lot of information included in this program. Fortunately, the creator has separated the different plants into categories based on where you can find them, such as:

  • Backyard Weeds
  • Wild Plants in Great Plains
  • Trees and Shrubs
  • Coastal Tropical, and Water Loving Plants
  • Nationwide Plants
  • Household Remedies
  • Forests and Woodlands

Then, the plants (and a list of the things you can treat with this program) are listed in alphabetical order to make it easy to find the information you need, especially when in a rush or emergency.  So, if your little one gets a snake bite you can quickly go to this part of the eBook or if you feel a cold coming on or are struggling with a serious disease or illness such as diabetes or a heart condition, finding the natural remedy for each is easy.

The good news is that identifying the plants, harvesting, growing, and using them is just as easy because each plant/illness has step-by-step information on how to do it all.

Who is the Creator of The Lost Book of Remedies?

The Lost Book of Remedies was created by Claude Davis, a self-proclaimed survivalist expert. He has produced an abundance of programs that focus on living (and thriving) on the natural ingredients of the world which he learned from his grandfather, Dr. Davis. As a bonus, some of the other programs Claude has written are provided to you for free when you purchase this one.

Overview of The Lost Book of Remedies Program

With such a wide range of diseases, illnesses, bumps, bruises, cuts, scrapes, bites, concerns and other discomforts being covered in The Lost Book of Remedies, you can imagine how comprehensive it is. Everything you need to know about using the earth to prevent, heal or cure physical and mental illnesses can be found in this 300-page system.

The Lost Book of Remedies - Table of Contents Part 1
The Lost Book of Remedies – Table of Contents (1/3)
The Lost Book of Remedies - Table of Contents Part 2
The Lost Book of Remedies – Table of Contents (2/3)
The Lost Book of Remedies - Table of Contents Part 3
The Lost Book of Remedies – Table of Contents (3/3)

To give you an idea of what you receive, let’s take a sneak peek at all of the sections that are covered in this program.

  1. Backyard Weeds
  2. Wild Plants in Great Plains
  3. Trees and Shrubs
  4. Coastal Tropical, and Water Loving Plants
  5. Nationwide Plants
  6. Household Remedies
  7. Forests and Woodlands

Now, let’s narrow in on one of the plants…

The Wild Strawberries section includes:

  1. What is a wild strawberry
  2. How to identify it
  3. The edible uses of wild strawberries
  4. The medical uses for wild strawberries
  5. Recipes for wild strawberry leaf infusion
  6. Recipes for wild strawberry and St. John’s Wort infusion

The same type of category topics are found under each plant title. Now, the really interesting thing is that you also receive a list of health concerns, ailments, illnesses, injuries and diseases you can use each specific plant for.

To give you an example, Wild Strawberries can be used to treat:

  1. Gout
  2. Sore Throat
  3. Diuretic, Increase Urine Flow
  4. Stomach Problems, Diarrhea, Dysentery
  5. Burns, Cuts, Wounds
  6. Joint Pain, Rheumatism

Let’s take a look at another…

The Anise Hyssop found under “Wild plants in Great Plains” includes:

  1. What Anise Hyssop is
  2. How to identify it
  3. The edible uses of Anise Hyssop
  4. The medical uses for Anise Hyssop
  5. Recipes for Tea
  6. Recipes for Essential Oil
  7. Sores, Wounds, Burns
  8. Facilitates Digestion
  9. Diarrhea
  10. Sore Muscles and Anxiety
  11. Colds, Flu, Bronchial Congestion
  12. Herpes
  13. Athlete’s Foot, Fungal Skin Infections, Yeast Overgrowth
  14. Poison Ivy

However, you don’t just receive the list of things that specific plant can treat. The Lost Book of Remedies provides you with the instructions right then and there on how the plant can be used for each concern.

Then, you also receive some bonus programs at absolutely no extra charge to you. They are:

  1. Everyday Disaster Medicine Guidebook
  2. An Awesome 80 Square-Feet SHTF Medicinal Garden

Best Home Remedies Ayurvedic Book

Advantages of the Program

The biggest advantage of the program is that it provides you with an abundance of natural remedies for pretty much everything. Not only does this allow you to save a ton of money but, as you will see from the list of things there are remedies for, this eBook could save you from many potentially harmful or dangerous conditions. And the number of things you can do with The Lost Book of Remedies is definitely one of the best benefits as well. It doesn’t just cover physical injuries or common illnesses such as a cold or flu. The remedies cover everything from physical and mental illnesses, diseases, injuries, ailments, health concerns – you name it. It’s exceptionally comprehensive and a powerful resource to have with you at all times.

I also really enjoyed how all of the remedies are categorized based on where you can find the natural ingredients and plants, and that the list of alphabetical. This makes it incredibly easy to find what you’re looking for and particularly beneficial if you’re in a rush or have an emergency.

It’s also great that the system is digital, as this allows you to have a plethora of natural remedies with you whenever and wherever you go. You don’t have to worry about always carrying a massive book with you. As long as you download it onto a tech device that you always have with you, such as your smartphone, you’re good.

The 60 Day Money Back Guarantee is another great advantage but one that you’ll quickly determine you won’t be needing.

Disadvantages of the Program

The only disadvantage I can think of about the program is the background of the pages. I understand why the look is old and rustic– to emphasize the prehistoric days when conventional medicines weren’t available, but a basic white background would make the program more modern without taking away from the ancient-remedy appeal.

The Verdict

The Lost Book of Remedies is your go-to guide to natural remedies. However, it doesn’t just provide with you the instructions to mixing up natural remedies. Instead, it takes you through the entire process from identifying the plants in the wild, where you can find them, how to grow them in your own backyard, how to harvest them properly to maintain optimal medicinal properties, what types of things each plant can be used for, how to mix it into a natural remedy – the list goes on. It is the ultimate guide to using the earth’s medicinal properties to treat everything from injuries to discomfort, illnesses, diseases, scrapes, bruises, health concerns and more.

And because it’s so comprehensive, it isn’t just a natural remedy program; it’s a survivalist guide. As long as you have The Lost Book of Remedies, you can handle everything that comes your way wherever you are, whether it’s a snake bite while camping or a stomach bug while overseas; a heart condition, worsening diabetes, you name it. If there is a plant out there that can help whatever it is you’re experiencing (there likely is), you’ll find it in this program.

The Lost Book of Remedies is one of those things that you’ll wish you didn’t pass up on in the future because there will always come a situation where you wish you knew what to do with what you have.


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