The Psoriasis Strategy Review

The Psoriasis Strategy is an online four-week program that teaches you the steps to fight inflammation and balance your immune system so you can begin to heal your skin naturally. Unlike conventional methods, there’s no need to fork over a fortune for expensive creams or harmful prescription medications. The Psoriasis Strategy all about eliminating the major triggers and causes of this itchy, painful skin condition to eliminate it once and for all. Instead of masking the symptoms with a fancy lotion, it dives deep into the root cause to provide you with effective natural relief.

The Psoriasis Strategy Review

What is The Psoriasis Strategy About?

Gone are the days of using fancy creams and expensive lotions that never do anything more than mask the symptoms of psoriasis. While conventional methods may provide some relief, they rarely tackle the main triggers and causes of the problem. The Psoriasis Strategy is an online 4-week program designed to fight inflammation and balance your immune system to start healing your skin. It focuses on eliminating the factors that contribute to the itchy, irritating red patches that keep appearing on your skin, such as environmental factors and genetic factors. The modern world is infused with all types of toxins and chemicals; they’re in our foods, in our close, in our air, and it’s not surprising that human health has been drastically affected by this. The program dives into this in more detail but essentially, environmental factors wreak havoc on your immune system which, for people with psoriasis, can lead directly to a dysfunctional immune system that increases the inflammation.

As for the genetic factors that The Psoriasis Strategy aims to tackle, it’s actually not what you think. For example, there are many situations were only some of the children get the “psoriasis gene” passed onto them. Why not the third? It’s because psoriasis is not passed on. Rather, it’s the genes that can trigger psoriasis.

The Psoriasis Strategy provides you with a comprehensive system that tackles these factors through the main causes of inflammation, which are:

  • Diet
  • Lifestyle
    • Stress
    • Mindset
    • Sleep
    • Movement
  • Man-made products
    • Household poison

Throughout this system, you learn exactly what to do and what not to do to eliminate these triggers to ultimately get rid of psoriasis for good. However, The Psoriasis Strategy is much more than that as well. It’s a comprehensive action plan for restoring your skin and getting you back to looking and feeling as great as you deserve. It is much more like a lifestyle change than it is a skin care regime.

The Psoriasis Strategy Download Page
How the download page for Julissa Clay’s The Psoriasis Strategy looks like!

The entire system is online, meaning you can get started right away without waiting for shipping to arrive. You receive immediate access and then download the program right onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. You also have the option to get a physical version of the program for the cost of printing.

You also receive a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This gives you two months to try the system out before deciding if the natural route is for you and considering you only need four weeks to complete the program in its entirety, this is more than enough time needed to see results.

Who is the Creator of The Psoriasis Strategy?

Julissa Clay is the creator of this program. After suffering from psoriasis for the majority of her life – and no conventional treatment options providing long-term results, she began to do her own research. This is when she found all the scientific tips and methods that make up the four-week regime that you learn in this program.

Quick Summary of The Psoriasis Strategy

The Psoriasis Strategy is a comprehensive program that teaches you the unhealthy lifestyle, diet and mindset habits that contribute to inflammation and worsening psoriasis and how to transition away from them and into healthier ones to start healing your skin naturally. It comes with an abundance of valuable information so you understand exactly what is going on with your skin and body and more importantly, how this four-week system will work for you.  Not only that but you have everything you need to continue with this healthy lifestyle after the four weeks are done, so you can continue to have the bright and clear skin you’re after.

The Psoriasis Strategy Table of Contents
The table of contents for Julissa Clay’s The Psoriasis Strategy PDF.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s a sneak peek at the topics and treatment you learn in this program:

Part One: More Than Just a Skin Condition

  1. What is Psoriasis
    1. Different types of psoriasis
  2. Causes of Psoriasis
    1. The problem with inflammation
    2. Overactive immune system
    3. Genetics
    4. Your environment and psoriasis
      1. Diet
      2. Toiletries
  • Mindset
  1. The Gut Connection – Where Everything Begins
    1. The microbiome’s role I health
    2. Our lifestyle and gut health
    3. The Skin-Gut Axis
  2. How Does Psoriasis Affect You?
    1. Self Esteem
  3. Co-Morbidities
  4. Traditional Treatments and Their Shortfalls
    1. Topical treatments
    2. Phototherapy treatments
    3. Systemic treatments

Part Two: Diet and Lifestyle Habits That Impact Psoriasis

  1. Diet
    1. Psoriasis-promoting foods to avoid
      1. Sugar
      2. Gluten
  • Dairy
  1. Trans-fats
  2. Artificial additives and pesticide residues
  1. Inflammation-Busting Foods to Include
    1. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant foods
    2. Gut-friendly foods
  • High-fiber foods
  1. Going organic
  2. Plant protein
  1. Lifestyle
    1. How stress impacts the boy
    2. The role of mindset on your gut and your immune system
      1. Changing your thoughts
    3. The impact of sleep on body and brain
      1. Sleep for your brain
      2. Sleep for your body
    4. Meditation
      1. Breathing meditation
    5. Exercise
  2. Household and Self-Care Products
    1. Sulfates
    2. Parabens
    3. Petrochemicals
    4. How to avoid toxic toiletries
    5. Natural alternatives
  3. Natural Treatments to Soothe Psoriasis Fast
    1. Soak
    2. Compress
    3. Aloe Vera
    4. Baking soda
    5. Moisturizer
    6. Soothing Scalp
    7. Relieve the itch
    8. Perspective

Part Three: 4 Weeks to Heal Psoriasis

Part Four: Recipes

Part Five: Appendices

  1. List of antioxidant-rich and gut-friendly foods
  2. List of anti-inflammatory foods
  3. Food diary

In the four-week program, you receive step-by-step instructions for each week that allow you to slowly and confidently transition your lifestyle to suit one that is less disruptive to your psoriasis.

Advantages of the Program

The one benefit that is at the top of my list is how comprehensive The Psoriasis Strategy is. I really liked how it takes your whole health into consideration – mental, emotional and physical. So, not only does it address the typical symptoms but it also dives into the other sides of psoriasis that many conventional methods never talk about.

I also really liked how the program is designed to teach you how to transition your habits into healthier ones, as opposed to simply masking the symptoms. The four-week program guides you through the process of changing your life and health as a whole so you can start to live healthier and happier, and psoriasis-free. And because of that, the system is really comprehensive but it’s broken down into easy-to-follow instructions and sections.

Another benefit is having the program in digital format. Although you have the option to purchase a physical version, having the system on your electronic devices makes it easy to stick with the four-week regime and life-changing advice that’s provided to you. And hey, you even get two months to try it out with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, which is always a nice boost of confidence.

Disadvantages of the Program

There isn’t a disadvantage that comes to mind when thinking about The Psoriasis Strategy. It’s a comprehensive, quality four-week regime that is infused with valuable information that not only shows you the way to treat your psoriasis naturally but also, what lead you to where you are with your skin right now.

The Psoriasis Strategy comes with the option to download the program or receive it in physical form, so it would be great if they also offered an audio version.


The Verdict

The Psoriasis Strategy is a comprehensive system that guides you through a four-week program for healing your skin naturally. In addition to the step-by-step regime, the program also provides you with an abundance of valuable information so you know exactly what to do even long after the four weeks are done. This includes everything from how to eliminate the factors that affect psoriasis, foods to eat and foods to avoid, daily routines and lifestyle habits, mindset, sleep habits and much more. It is much more like a healthy lifestyle guide than it is just a healthy skincare program. All of the information you learn is backed by science and with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose. You get two months to try the program out and considering you only need four weeks to complete it start-to-finish, this is ample time to get your skin looking bright, clear, healthy and glowing like it once was.


Download The Psoriasis Strategy PDF

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