TMJ No More Review

TMJ No More is a proven 3-step online holistic program that can cure TMJ pain and other related disorders.  So, put down those prescription medications, splints, mouth guards and the idea of undergoing risky surgery. The TMJ No More program teaches you everything there is to know about TMJ, including an easy-to-follow three-step holistic regime that has been proven to work on TMJ pain and other related disorders. It takes on a holistic approach, meaning that your physical, emotional and mental health are taken into consideration throughout the regime, offering you a safe, natural and comprehensive way to heal.

TMJ No More Review

What is the TMJ No More Program About?

TMJ pain affects approximately 10 million Americans, which has led many people to forking over a fortune for conventional methods that rarely tackle the root cause of the problem.

TMJ No More offers a different and healthier alternative – a natural, holistic 3-step program designed to cure your pain and discomfort from TMJ and other related disorders permanently and quickly. It’s highly focused on feeding your mental, physical and emotional health with what it needs to thrive, which is all determined from within. In other words, the program starts off with an abundance of valuable information about TMJ and many at-home-assessments you can do to correctly diagnose your condition. Then, it provides you with natural remedies, gentle exercises, lifestyle tips, sample meals, healing alternatives and much more so you can begin curing your TMJ naturally.

You receive immediate access to the program as soon as you purchase, and you just go in and download the content right onto your laptop, smartphone, tablet or desktop. This makes it easy to take the program with you wherever you go, so you can commit to the 3-step regime to begin your healing process.

TMJ No More Download Page
How the download page for Sandra Carter’s TMJ No More looks like!

The system also comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, but considering it’s a proven holistic system for curing TMJ pain, bruxism and whiplash, you won’t be needing it.

Who is the Author of TMJ No More?

Dentist, Nutrition Specialist and former TMJ and Tinnitus Sufferer, Sandra Carter, is the author of TMJ No More. After experiencing symptoms that completely took away from her life and having no treatment options providing real relief, Sandra began to look into holistic health and nutrition. This is when she started to make small adjustments in her life that had a huge impact on the way she was feeling. After putting it all together in a system and testing it on other TMJ sufferers, Sandra created what we now know of as TMJ No More today.

Quick Summary of TMJ No More

TMJ No More is a comprehensive system that takes on TMJ from every angle. The system teaches you everything there is to know about TMJ pain, including Bruxism and Whiplash. Then, it gives you an easy, 3-step holistic approach that has been proven to cure TMJ and other relatable disorders. It’s the ultimate program that makes healing naturally easy.

To give you a better idea of what you can expect from the program as a whole, here’s a sneak peek at some of the topics and techniques you learn throughout:


  1. What This Book Is All About
  2. Author’s Story
  3. How This Book is Organized

Chapter One: Understanding TMJ

  1. What Are The Temporomandibular Joints?
  2. What is TMJ?
  3. What is Fascia?
  4. What is Mysofascial Pain?
  5. What Causes TMJ?
    1. Dental Issues
    2. Trauma
    3. Habits
    4. Social Situations
    5. Emotions
  6. The Most Common Symptoms of TMJ Disorder
    1. Clicking
    2. Mouth and Face Problems
    3. Head Problems
    4. Problems Throughout The Body
    5. Check Your Symptoms With This Checklist
    6. Diagnosing coexisting Conditions
    7. Checking Your Health History for Clues
    8. Checking For TMJ in The Mirror
    9. Do a Facial Imbalance Check
    10. Checking Pain Patterns For Additional Clues

Chapter Two: The Three-Step Holistic System

  1. Step One: Improve Jaw Function with Head, Neck, Mouth, Tongue and Chin Exercises
    1. Stretching the Jaw
    2. Increasing the Jaw Opening
    3. Rhythmic Jaw Stabilization
    4. Controlled TMJ Rotation
    5. Massaging the Jaw
    6. Chewing
    7. The Yawn
    8. Reading Out Loud
    9. Strengthening The Jaw
    10. Surprise!
    11. Head and Neck Exercises
    12. The Head/Neck Stretch
    13. Shoulder Posture
    14. Head Flex
    15. Neck Stretching
    16. Axial Extension of the Neck
    17. Mouth, Tongue and Chin Exercises
    18. Using The Mouth and Nose to Breathe
    19. The Tongue Roll
    20. Muscles Expanders of the Mouth
    21. Tongue Stretches
    22. Strengthening the Tongue
    23. Reading Out Loud
    24. Gargling The Chin Drop
  2. Step Two: Using Diet, Exercise and Vitamin/Mineral Supplementation to Cure TMJ
    1. Vitamin and Mineral Therapy
      1. Must Have Vitamins and Minerals for Battling TMJ
    2. Evaluating Your Diet
      1. What Are You Eating?
      2. Category One: Breads, Cereal, Rice and Pasta
  • Category Two: Fruits
  1. Category Three: Vegetables
  2. Category Four: Milk, Yogurt and Cheese
  3. Category Five: Meat, Poultry, Fish, Dry Beans, Eggs and Nuts
  • Category Six: Fats and Sweets
  • Must-Eat Foods for Healthy Temporomandibular Joints
  1. What Not TO Eat When You Have TMJ or Teeth Grinding
  2. Practical Ways to Eat Better and Improve Your Nutrition
  3. Things to Consider
  • Quick Fixes: Simple Meal Ideas to Get You Started
  1. Daily Body and Relaxation Exercises Used to Relieve TMJ Pain
    1. Keeping Your Muscles in Top Tone
    2. Yoga to the Rescue
  • Posture Perfect Results
  1. Body Exercises For Relieving TMJ Pain
    1. 11 Exercises
  2. Step Three: Eliminating Harmful Habits and Identifying/Treating Stressors and Referred Pain from Those Trigger Points
    1. Getting Rid of Those Harmful Habits
      1. Postural Habits
      2. Standing
      3. Lifting
      4. Walking
      5. Sitting
      6. The Phone Position
      7. The Charge Position (asleep)
      8. The Couch
      9. The Bed Prop
      10. Driving
      11. Sitting Without Any Support
      12. Working At a Desk
      13. Sleeping
      14. Relaxing After a Strenuous Activity
      15. Oral Habits to Break
      16. Muscular Habits
      17. Bad Nutritional Habits
      18. Breaking Those Bad Habits
    2. Identifying and Eliminating the Stressors in Your Life
      1. So, What Is Stress Anyway?
      2. How Can Stress Affect Me?
      3. Did You Know?
      4. What Can I Do To Better Cope With Stress?

Chapter Three: TMJ and Related Disorders

  1. Whiplash
    1. Common Myths about Whiplash
    2. The Role Splints May Be Playing in Your TMJ
  2. What Are Splints?
    1. Who’s a Good Candidate for a Splint?
  3. Fibromyalgia and TMJ Disorders
    1. What is Fibromyalgia?
    2. What Causes Fibromyalgia Disorder
    3. The Differences (and Similarities) Between TMJ and Fibromyalgia

Chapter Four: Therapies to Considering in Treating Your TMJ

  1. Physical Therapy
  2. Mysofascial Release
  3. Myotherapy
  4. Chiropractics
  5. Gentle Yoga
  6. Biofeedback
  7. Podiatry

Appendix 1: Glossary

Appendix 2: Recommend Links

TMJ No More Table of Contents
The table of contents for Sandra Carter’s TMJ No More PDF.

Advantages of the Program

The first advantage of using TMJ No More is that it has everything you could ever want to know about TMJ – from the causes to the symptoms; from the different types of therapies to foods you should be eating; supplements; related disorders, permanently eliminating the symptoms – you name it. It’s all in this one program, which saves you an abundance of time in research; the author has already done the hard work for you. Not only that but with all of the information you learn, you also receive step-by-step instructions, exercises, diagrams, meal samples, and pictures that show you exactly how to use the information to cure your TMJ.

And because the program is so comprehensive, it was a great benefit being able to download everything right onto my electronic devices. This made it easy to commit to the regime and my healing, as the information, advice and guidance I needed was readily available as long as I had my smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer with me…. Which is always.

The 60 Day Money Back Guarantee is also a great feature, as it gives you the confidence needed to try something new and see how it works for you. You just can’t go wrong with that as you have nothing to lose and all to gain.

Disadvantages of the Program

For disadvantages, there weren’t any in terms of content and quality. TMJ No More is incredibly comprehensive and you can tell that the author took a lot of time and effort to find appropriate information and natural solutions for you. Though, there is a lot of information, so it would be a nice addition if you were able to download the content in audio files.

The Verdict

TMJ No More is the ultimate program for learning how to cure TMJ, Bruxism, and Whiplash safely and naturally. The system provides you with an abundance of valuable information, so you can properly understand the problem, symptoms and discomfort you’re experiencing. And then, you get an easy-to-follow 3-step action plan that teaches you simple changes to make in your life to cure TMJ pain and other related disorders. The system is even proven to work and you even get two months to try it out for yourself with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.


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