Visual Impact Kettlebells Review

Visual Impact Kettlebells is a synergistic kettlebell workout program that focuses on using a series of strategic movements to strengthen and tone while also maintaining a slim, sleek physique. And it can all be done with one single kettlebell.  Well, and this program. Although, there’s no denying that kettlebells have really taken a backseat within the fitness industry. However, kettlebells date back to 1704 and were used, throughout history, for massive strength and muscle gains. Well, I’m sure they didn’t call them “gains” back then. Regardless, if they weren’t the powerful secret advantage that they are, kettlebells would have never lasted this long. Visual Impact Kettlebells teaches you how to capitalize on this secret advantage. It’s an at-home 12-week workout program that focuses solely on maximizing your strength and toning your muscles without taking away from your slim, lean physique. It’s based on the same principles used to train male and female fashion models for over 10 years. And all you need is a kettlebell. Created for both men and women of all ages, you can get the full body workout you’re looking for without paying for an expensive gym membership or even leaving your home.

Visual Impact Kettlebells Review

What is Visual Impact Kettlebells About?

With a little bit of research (or reading through the first couple chapters of this program), you’ll quickly learn that kettlebells are incredibly advantageous for both men and women. Studies show that kettlebells can make you stronger and more powerful for both men and women, and can also achieve more than 60% VO2max values. This makes it great for conditioning as well. Another key finding is that kettlebell training is easier to apply to your daily life and exercises.  

Visual Impact Kettlebells is an online 12-week workout program designed to help you firm up and strengthen the body without adding excess muscle mass. It’s based on the same regimes fitness models follow to have toned muscles and a sleek, slim body, and all you need is a kettlebell. With this program, you get a ton of strategic, full body workouts that are designed to work your heart and lungs, burn calories and so all of this without breaking down your muscles.

Visual Impact Kettlebells is super comprehensive, providing you with all the information you need to understand the secret advantage of kettlebells and how to start using it. The content is separated into 8 modules that gradually guide you through the process – unit by unit.

The 12-week workout regime is broken down into three phases for a synergistic program. These phases are:

  • Phase One: Foundation (Week 1 – Week 4)
  • Phase Two: Acceleration (Week 5 – Week 6)
  • Phase Three: Intensification (Week 9 – Week 12)

You also receive a free bonus, which is 12 Week Email Coaching.

The entire system is digital, meaning you receive immediate access as soon as you purchase and can start learning how to use kettlebells to get the physique you want. You just sign in and access the materials online and you can also track your progress through it right on the website. You receive a written guide and videos, and an option to download the written guide in PDF. This can be downloaded onto your own personal tech devices for access to the guide anytime you want and without accessing the internet.

The program is backed by several studies and it also comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, allowing you to try it out risk free for two months.

Visual Impact Kettlebells Download Page and Table of Contents
A preview of Visual Impact Kettlebells download page and its table of contents.

Who is the Creator of Visual Impact Kettlebells?

Rusty Moore is the creator of Visual Impact Kettlebells. He has worked as a fitness veteran for over 20 years and has contributed to all types of articles and reports regarding fitness. He teamed up with Chris Lopez, who is one of the world’s elite kettlebell trainers. Chris has worked as a fitness coach for over 20 years as well . Chris has his RKC certification and was the first Canadian to ever get certified by Strongfirst (SFG Kettlebell Instructor).

Quick Summary of Visual Impact Kettlebells

Visual Impact Kettlebells is a full-body workout regime that focuses on strengthening and toning your muscles, without adding bulk and mass, so you can keep your sleek physique. It’s a strategic workout program that starts off with all kinds of incredible information that is separated into different modules and different units for a quick, easy read.

 As for the 12-week workout program, it’s separated into three phases:

  • Phase One: Foundation (Week 1 – Week 4)
  • Phase Two: Acceleration (Week 5 – Week 6)
  • Phase Three: Intensification (Week 9 – Week 12)

Each phase is designed to build upon the previous, which allows for magnified results each week.  The Foundational phase is done for the first four weeks and it alternates between slow tension-based exercises and explosive, fast workouts. The main focus within this phase is to learn and understand basic kettlebell exercises, and to increase strength and muscle toning.

The Acceleration Phase builds off of this, combining slow tension-based lifts and explosive movements all in the same workout, offering “neuro-metabolic contrast training”. This phase also focuses on increasing the rate at which your calories are burned, while also tightening up your body.

The Intensification Phase builds off of the two previous phases, combining high tension exercises with explosive exercises all within the same set. The setup of the workouts is designed to increase your heart rate and calorie burn, so you can rapidly melt body fat and increase your strength and muscle definition.

All of this is provided to you in written and video formats, making it super easy to learn and follow-along as you receive step-by-step instructions and guidance, as well as visual references.

Here’s a more detailed look at the program from start to finish.

  • Module 1: Introduction
    • Welcome
    • A Brief History of Kettlebell
    • Introducing Chris Lopez
  • Module 2: Kettle Basics
    • The Hidden Advantage of the Kettlebell Design
    • Kettlebell Lifts Can Help You Move Like a Young Person
    • Torch Body Fat with a Cast Iron Cannon Ball
    • Choosing the Right Size and Style of Kettlebell
  • Module 3: Kettle Progression
    • Improving While Using The Same Weight Each Workout
    • Increasing the Density of a Kettlebell Workout
    • 2 Kettlebell Lifting Styles for a Sleep and Toned Physique
    • Every Minute on the Minute
    • Kettlebell Complexes
  • Module 4: Kettlebell Workouts
    • The Workout Strategy
    • Phase 1 Workouts
    • Phase 2 Workouts
    • Phase 3 Workouts
    • Active Recovery (Optional)
    • Bonus: The “Get Up” Active Recovery Sessions
  • Module 5: Kettlebell Videos
    • Exercise Demonstration Videos         
    • Workout Demonstration Videos
  • Module 6: Conclusion
    • Final Thoughts
  • Module 7: Downloadable PDF
  • Module 8: FAQ Coaching Videos
    • Don’t “Chase Reps”
    • Shoulder Issues
    • Swing Technique
    • The Kettlebll Clean… The Definitive Guide
    • How to Properly Press
    • Protect Your Lower Back
    • Snatch Technique Help
    • Windmill Technique Help
    • How to “Tame the Arc” with Your Snatches
    • Joint Stacking
    • Overhead Lunges or Windmills Help
    • How to Get Rid of “Lifting Leg” Syndrome

Advantages of the Program

One of the many advantages of using Visual Impact Kettlebells is that you get a hardcore, full-body workout right at home and the only thing you need is one kettlebell. Well, and a device to access the program on. Other than that, you can complete the 12-week program from start to finish right at home.

The digital program also makes it easy to stick with the regime, as you can have it with you wherever you go, as it can be accessed or downloaded onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. This cuts excuses right out of the mix.

Also, being able to try it risk-free is always an advantage. It also gives you the reassurance and confidence needed to start something new.

Disadvantages of the Program

The entire program is really comprehensive and covers all angles when it comes to kettlebell workouts. But I guess, if you don’t like to use a kettlebell, then perhaps that would be a disadvantage as the program focuses solely on achieving a slim, sleek physique with nothing more than a kettlebell.

The Verdict

Visual Impact Kettlebells is a 12-week workout program that teaches you a complete 3-phase regime that uses a series of exercises to shape, tone and strengthen your muscles without adding mass. It’s an easy program that is separated into different modules and units well throughout that guide you through the process. It can be used by both men and women who are looking for an effective, powerful full body workout that gives them the sleek, slim physique. Everything can be done at home and you can try the program out risk-free for 60 days with the Money Back Guarantee.

Download Visual Impact Kettlebells PDF
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