Witchcraft Secret Manual Review

Witchcraft Secret Manual is the ultimate sacred book of spells and incantations for modern witches and people embarking on a spiritual journey. And I know what you’re thinking, witchcraft? Let’s take the ‘witch’ out of it for a second. Before modern day medicine, people used a combination of herbs and spices to heal all types of ailments and that’s precisely what you learn how to do with this program. But here’s the key; in addition to natural ingredients, Witchcraft Secret Manual also adds in intention. This is the most important aspect of natural healing, as your thoughts create your reality. CIA documents were even leaked proving that the mind and one’s intention can manifest anything. So, whether you’re an aspiring modern day witch or want to learn how to get what you want using spiritual practices, here’s everything you can expect from this program.

Witchcraft Secret Manual Review

What is Witchcraft Secret Manual About?

People who identify as being a “witch” is on the rise, according to studies, but this witchcraft stuff isn’t new by any means. For thousands of years, people have used natural herbs, spices and other ingredients for all types of things, such as healing, bravery, courage, bumps, scrapes, bites and bruises. Witches are a small category of these people who focus on remedies for healing or manifestation. So, if you’ve wanted to tap into your spirituality, learn new natural ways to heal or expand your witchcraft ways, you’ve come to the right place.

Witchcraft Secret Manual is a comprehensive program that truly serves as the secret manual that teaches you how to use the things witches use to achieve great things. It’s infused with all types of powerful information that is imperative to one’s spiritual journey, such as charms, symbols, moon phases, earth elements, candles, rituals, and much more. Then, it breaks everything down into pages upon pages of spells you can do to achieve whatever it is you desire. Want to combat cellulite? There’s a spell for that. Want to give your house a deep cleanse of negativity? There’s a spell for that. Want to attract your dream job? Yup, there’s one for that as well. I’ll cast into these details in just a moment but for now, here’s a quick look at what you get when you sign up:

  1. Main Manual
  2. Charms, Spells and Herbs
Witchcraft Secret Manual Table of Contents
The table of contents for Witchcraft Secret Manual PDF.

You get immediate access to these guides as soon as you purchase, as everything is digital. This also means you can download it right onto your tech devices and take your witchy ways with you wherever you go. You even get two months to try it out risk-free with the 60-day money back guarantee. You just can’t go wrong with that.

Who is the Author of Witchcraft Secret Manual?

Esteban José Portela is the author of Witchcraft Secret Manual. He has studied White Magic and Black Magic for over 35 years. Esteban is also the fourth generation of a family of White Magic witches and has put his wealth of knowledge that has been passed down for hundreds of years into this easy-to-read program for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

Summary of Witchcraft Secret Manual

Witchcraft Secret Manual is a comprehensive program designed to teach people how to use natural herbs, spices and ingredients along with their intention to achieve anything they desire. It is the ultimate guide of natural remedies, or rather, witchy spells, and it teaches you all types of powerful things throughout the process.

The program is separated into different parts for easy, enjoyable reading and progress. You’ll find an abundance of spells and rituals throughout each part, all complete with simplified step-by-step instructions, ingredient lists, candle magic, astrology, moon phases, you name it.

To give you a better idea of just how amazing the things are that you learn, here’s a more detailed look at the program as a whole:

Part 1

  • Where to Start
  • Styles of Charms and Spells
  • The Basic Elements
  • Days of the Week
  • Lunar Phases to Assemble Spells
  • Wand
  • The Cauldron
  • Glossary Wizard
  • Magic Board
  • Magical Features
  • Magic Days and Hours

Part 2

  • Love spells
    • Attract love
    • Get married
    • Love potion
    • Impossible Love
    • Lasting Love
    • Amulet for romance
    • Keep marriage balanced
    • Raising potion for passion
    • Sorcery to marry
    • End indifference
    • Forget a love
    • Maintain couples united
    • Marry
    • Get an impossible love
    • Find a husband
    • Stop a divorce
    • To be proposed
    • To meet again
    • Attract someone who ignores you
    • Separate a bad couple x 2
  • Spells for Money and Fortune
    • Achieve success in business
    • Protect you from bad luck
    • Potion for money
    • Become employed
    • End jealousy
    • Sale of a home or property
    • Attract money and wealth
    • Make promises to grant wishes
    • Gypsy spells for good fortune
  • Spells for Home
    • Attract joy to your home
    • Fulfill a desire
    • Christmas desire to be fulfilled
    • Household cleaning
    • Deep cleanse of negative energy in home
    • Amulet protector for home
  • Protection Spells
    • Ritual purification aura x 2
    • Night spell potion
    • Find if someone hurt you
    • Against sorcery
  • Spells for Beauty
    • Combat cellulite
    • Have more curly hair
    • Have more straight hair
    • Be irresistible
    • Have beautiful curly hair
    • Change the colour of eyes
    • Help on a diet x 2
    • Lose weight

Part 3

  • Talismans
    • Magic talismans
  • Candles
    • Differences based on the colour of candle
    • Spell to get in contact with another person
    • Spell with candles to ward off depression
    • Spell to get upgrades and recovery from illness
    • Protection spells with candles
    • Rite with candles to improve work
    • Spell candles for stable relationships
  • Incense
    • Magic with ground rue
    • How to have your own magic rue
    • How to increase power of herbs
    • Protect yourself from negative intentions
    • Spell to zoom out bad vibes
    • Spell to block negative work
    • Spell of herbs against envy at work
    • Spell to get lucky in love
    • Spell to make money from rue
    • Sorcery to pacify a difficult person
  • Magic with Salt
    • Salt to protect your home
    • Salt spell against envy
    • Spell to block bad luck
    • Salt spell locking evil
    • Away bad spirits
    • Salt sorcery to scare an enemy

Advantages of the Program

As someone who doesn’t know a lick about witchcraft, you may be surprised to hear that I absolutely fell in love with Witchcraft Secret Manual. I say this because the term can really throw people off. After all, the term “witch” hasn’t always had a positive meaning and people who don’t practice spirituality rarely know the true meaning of witchcraft. Fortunately, within the first couple of pages, you quickly see that witchcraft is simply the power of using natural remedies and your intention to achieve anything you want. Now, with that said, as a newbie, I was super excited to discover how easy it is to learn how to do spells. This program really breaks it all down for you, complete with different uses for different spells, tools you may want to use, possibilities, ingredient lists, you name it.

Naturally, I wanted to take the Witchcraft Secret Manual with me everywhere to spread my spells wherever my life took me and having it downloaded right onto my tech devices made it easy to do just that.

As for the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, it’d Godsend. This is one of the main reasons I ventured off my path to try something new. I had nothing to lose and I am thankful I took the plunge.

Disadvantages of the Program

Like I said, I didn’t know much about modern day witchcraft or spirituality prior to starting the Witchcraft Secret Manual. So, for that reason, I think the name might be discouraging to some who aren’t as open minded to what witchcraft really is. However, it isn’t a program disadvantage but rather, a disadvantage to people turned off by the name because they will never truly see what it’s all about. Other than that, I have zero complaints.

The Verdict

Witchcraft Secret Manual makes it easy to tap into your spirituality, learn new natural healing remedies, or expand your witchy horizon. It’s incredibly comprehensive and truly teaches you about being spiritual and using your own secret weapons to achieve anything you want in life.  You just can’t go wrong with learning how to do that. Add in the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, and you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.


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