Yoga Burn Review

Yoga Burn is a three-phase yoga workout program that teaches you a specific series of movements and workouts that are particularly great for boosting your metabolism. This can be a hard concept to grasp especially if you’re new to yoga since you’re likely thinking of yoga that involves ancient stretches and chants. However, there are so many different styles of yoga, many of which can be used to target your particular health and fitness goals. This program incorporates various styles and poses that are designed specifically to give you a full-body workout that boosts your metabolism, allowing you to burn more fat while also receiving the calming and relaxing benefits of yoga.

Yoga Burn Review


What is the Yoga Burn About?

Forget the expensive membership fee at your local yoga studio and never get confused with real yoga vs. the yoga classes offered at gyms. Not all yoga is created equal but with the right yoga, you can target your specific goals – and you guessed it, Yoga Burn is a yoga fitness program that teaches you a series of specific movements and workouts that boost your metabolism, shape your body and sculpt your waistline.

The workouts use Dynamic Sequencing which is a fitness approach that starts by teaching you how to perform each movement properly and then it builds off of that. In other words, it’s a progressive system that continues to increase the challenge of each movement as your body begins to transform. So, instead of doing the same yoga class or video series every day and plateauing, Dynamic Sequencing used in Yoga Burn forces your body to change and adapt so you’re able to achieve your goals. You are always working hard to get to the new level.

This is done through a unique 3-phase approach that guides you through the entire process. Each phase has three different workout videos (+ and intro) which provide you with a new challenging workout to do, keeping the entire process fun and exciting.

I’ll elaborate on all of this in just a moment but first, it’s important to mention that due to the Dynamin Sequencing Yoga Burn uses, you do not have to bust your booty every day of the week. Instead, you only need to dedicate three 45-minute sessions each week. Add in the fact that you can access the videos whenever and wherever you are, and there’s no room for excuses.

But it doesn’t end there either. In addition to getting the progressive workouts that boost your metabolism and present you with challenging workouts that build off the prior, you also learn strategies that allow you to:

  • Avoid the 1 common yoga pitfall that often leads to injury, stress and weight gain for women
  • Avoid making the 3 worst and most common yoga mistakes women make
  • Maximize the benefits of yoga with 3 powerful methods
  • Shape your yoga booty and boost your metabolism
Yoga Burn Download Page
The download page for Zoe Bray-Cotton’s Yoga Burn program.

Oh, and you even get two bonus videos that focus more on increasing your emotional wellbeing, self-confidence and overall happiness. They’re great options for those “rest” days.

Now, since the program is digital, this also means that you receive immediate access to the content as soon as you purchase. So, there’s no need to pay or wait for DVDs to arrive at your home (do people even use DVDs anymore?). However, if you prefer to have the program in a physical DBD, that is an option available to you.

The best part? You can try the program out for two months with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. So, if you’re convinced that “yoga” can’t boost your metabolism or shape and tone your body to perfection, put your theory to the test. You’d be surprised!

Who is the Creator of Yoga Burn?

Yoga Burn was created by yoga and fitness phenomenon, Zoe Bray-Cotton. She is a certified instructor, personal trainer and female fitness expert who is highly sought after for her excellence and expertise, as well as her ability to create easy, effective and maintainable workout regimes for women.  Zoe has been practicing several different types of yoga more over a century now, and is even the mastermind behind some of the top-selling yoga programs online.

Quick Summary of the Yoga Burn Program

Yoga Burn is going to show you that yoga can burn! It can burn fat and boost your metabolism, and force your body to change in all the ways you want. The program provides you with a 3-phase workout series (with 3 exercises + an intro for each phase), all of which are designed to make your body change and adapt by continually increasing the challenge of each movement learned.

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To give you a better understanding of what these phases consist of, here’s a sneak peek:

Phase 1: Foundational Flow

Just as the name reads, the Foundational Flow is the first phase you work through which is designed to teach you the foundation of the system. It can be used by both beginners and advanced yoga students, as it focuses on teaching you how to do each yoga move in the program properly, safely and effectively to ensure a healthy practice. This is also where you learn how to create a strong mind-body connection so that you also receive the calming benefits of yoga, and not just the killer bod!

Phase 2: Transitional Flow

The second phase, Transitional Flow, is where you start to take the yoga movements you learned in the first phase and turn them into a clean, smooth transition. It’s slightly more challenging than the first phase and because of that, the movements allow you to burn even more calories by increasing your heart rate up.

Now, the three workout videos you receive in this section as different than the first as each one focuses on sculpting one of the three large muscle groups. So, there’s a workout video you’re your upper body, lower body and core, which also means that each muscle group gets ample time to rest and repair.

In this phase, you also build on the mind-body connection you learned in the first section but it takes it up a notch, allowing for these workouts to feel like moving meditation as well as one heck of a workout.

Phase 3: Mastery Flow

The third phase is Mastery Flow, and just as the name reads, this is the phase you enter into once you have tackled the other two and need more of a challenge. The exercise videos take the movements learned in the two previous phases and up their intensity to provide you with a powerful practice that boosts your metabolism and blasts off fat. So, you’ll see amazing results in this portion but don’t be mistaken – it’s tough. Spend as much time in phase one and two as needed. In order to do these movements safely, you have to perfect the other phases or you’ll just struggle and not receive the full potential of this phase.

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Advantages of the Program

One of my favourite advantages of Yoga Burn is that it combines intense yoga movements with the mind-body connection that comes from more soothing styles. This allows you to get the fat-blasting, metabolism-boosting workout you need to sculpt your body but you also get the calming and relaxing benefits of meditation. So, the program as a whole is like a workout for your mind, body and spirit.

Now, it’s also a huge benefit that the program is taught to you by a certified yoga instructor who has over 10 years of experience. This ensures a workout regime that teaches you the specific movements that focus on tackling your specific goals. Also, the reminders of alignment and posture are nice, and it feels like you’re receiving professional yoga classes, only in the comfort of your own home.

Additionally, being able to access the program whenever and wherever you are is a great advantage and unlike other programs, you don’t have to download the large video files. You can but if you don’t want to take up all that space on your tech device, you can simply log into the website and click play. Once you know the workouts well, you can choose to play them in audio as well.

Disadvantages of the Program

The only disadvantage I can think of is for people who see “yoga” and think these workouts are going to be a breeze. Do not be fooled – these workouts will kick your butt. However, because they’re provided to you in a three-phase program that focuses on a progressive experience, you’re not doing anything super intense or extreme. That’s also not to mention that if you want to see results, you have to be willing to work for them. Well, Yoga Burn definitely makes you work for them.

The Verdict

Yoga Burn gives you a comprehensive workout series that uses Dynamic Sequencing through a three-phase process that forces your body to change and adapt. Each workout incorporates the right yoga movements to give you that full-body workout that boosts your metabolism, while also providing you with the mindful benefits that yoga is known for. It’s a system you can continue to use again and again, as it’s designed to be progressive and to build on what you learn from each previous phase. Add in the fact that you receive a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and there’s no reason not to try it. Yoga Burn three times a week for 45-minutes beats having to go to a crowded gym or expensive yoga studio and it focuses on what you want to achieve!


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